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Whether you are hiking the Beaver Dam Creek trail or the Virginia Creeper Trail, you need the right gear for the right terrain. Many inexperienced hikers think, hiking requires robust tough clothing as well as boots. To an extent they are right, but hiking the wilderness in a pair of steel toe-capped work boots is not going to be fun, and the same goes for hiking in jeans.

In jeans? That’s right. Many, many hikers make the mistake of wearing jeans, but they are possibly one of the worst pairs of pants you go wear on a hike. Think about it this way, if it is a hot day out, the jeans won’t let your skin breathe and you’ll feel even hotter. If it is wet, they will keep stay wet for longer than most other fabrics. If it is cold and wet out you are going to feel that damp cold a lot more. If you get dirty, they will get muddier than other fabrics. All in all, jeans are more trouble than they are worth on the hike.

To find out all the reasons why you should not hike Hillsville in your jeans, check this guide on hiking in jeans.

For more information click on one of the following links below.

Trails City/State
Beaver Dam Creek Walking Trail Hillsville, VA
Big Walker Lookout Wytheville, VA
Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway Wytheville, VA
Carter Pines Community Park Hillsville, VA
Crooked Creek Wildlife Management Area Woodlawn, VA
Devil's Den Nature Preserve Birding and Wildlfe Trail Fancy Gap, VA
Fries to Byllesby New River Canoe Route Fries, VA
Lovill's Creek Lake Recreation Area Cana, VA
Monster Rock Hiking Trail Wytheville, VA
Virginia Creeper Trail Abingdon, VA
Virginia Highlands Horse Trail Marion, VA











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